Write Write Write


eing creative is very important to me. I find that through self expression, we can come closer understanding our inner self, and leave this world with a little touch of beauty. Self expression, is the passion that we feel when we have a new idea. Self expression is the drive that motivates us, to leave this world with a tiny bit of legacy of which we lived. But most important, self expression and creativity makes us happier, unique individuals with a sense of purpose for self discovery. Sometimes that creativity just needs a little push. For the holidays, my amazing friend Raisa, gave me a very thoughtful present. It’s a journal called Writing Prompts, A Journey To Spark Your Creativity, by Eccolo. 

I love this journal. The writing prompts really make you dig deep into your life, to write about a personal journey.

“If your day today had a theme song, what would it be and why?”

Are among of many interpersonal questions you will find in this journal journey. It will help in self discovery, daily venting, and realizing things about yourself or the situation you did not see before. It allows you to take yourself out of the equation of ever day life, of every day auto pilot, and for few minutes see your life as a movie, playing in your head as your realize deeper things about yourself, as you fall more and more in love with yourself, and trust me, that’s a good thing.So as you an see, this is a very personal. deep introspection of your life. I intend to write one prompt a day. I am going to flip each day to a random page, and do it out of order. I am not sure, I just feel like whatever I need to write about, I will land on that day.