Creating a vision book


ision books are fun, creative and inspiring way to visualize the life you want to manifest. By no means should making a board or a book make you stressed out. It is all about the feeling and intention you give to your visualized ideas. If you feel the lack of these things when you look at them, then it is actually can cause you to have an opposite affect of having those things. So the feeling is important. So if you have an idea, you have to have a belief in yourself to achieve it. If the concept of manifestation is foreign to you, and if your living in the eyes of I do not have this, than start with easier things. Create a book with things that you know you can achieve. Things that are easier to come into your life, and as you accomplish those goals, you can move into creating harder and harder things, not because they are in any way harder to create, but because you will have more confidence and better, happier, feeling about your intentions.

When I was a little girl, my family moved to United States. I barely spoke English and most of my time in school was about using context clues. One day we had a raffle for a bike. You had to buy a ticket and each ticket costed $1. I didn’t really understand the concept of a raffle, so in my silly, childish mind I thought that if I just paid $1, I would get the bike. It was a done deal, simple as that, I was 100% sure I would get it because I have paid for it. What I didn’t realize is that the entire school had entered to win the bike, and some people bought multiple tickets. When the principal reached in the box to announce the winner, the box was filled with hundred of those blue tickets. She then picked out my name and told everyone that I won the grand prize. And for a second I was still like, yeah I won, I paid for it. I didn’t understand until few seconds later, that I was the only winner. It is with that kind of assurance you need to have to manifest. The confidence to know that this will happen for sure, without worry, without daunting on the subject of where is it, where is it, I don’t see it. Your vision board has to be your belief board, your desire and your belief has to be on the same level in order for anything to manifest. That’s why I suggest practicing with the little stuff first, and slowly develop your way into things that seem bigger and harder to get for you. It is all about expectation, I knew that was going to happen.  This is the creative process of asking of what do I want.

Before you start, make sure you are in a pleasant, eager, passionate mood. Listen to any motivational or spiritual material. Meditate for few minutes, put on beautiful music, and start creating.   A lot of people can identify themselves with a famous quote

“she designed the life that she wants”

It helps to see a clear picture of the life that you want first. Seeing other people that have used this process and manifested things they wanted, will also give you that extra boost of confidence that you need for this project to work.

So let’s get started. There are a couple of ways you can create this vision, you can either do it on a computer, have an actual vision board, or create a vision book. Now the book is much more detailed and would require more time and effort to do, but you can expend it to be much more than the selected few pictures that fit on the board. I would suggest getting a sketch book, and dividing it in few parts of your life that you want to achieve. Start off with a vision for myself page. This is everything that inspires you to become who you want to become. If your a business woman, find an inspiring and visually pleasing picture for yourself of that person, if your an artist represent that, a singer, fashion blogger, whatever you use to visualize that sort of lifestyle, lay it out here. It is also a good place to place your favorite picture of yourself here. Print it out, cut it out and place it in the middle. This is an example I put together, this is not my  vision for myself, it is simply a visual representation of what a book can entail.

You can seperate the book into few areas of your life. These topics can include, Vision of me (or just your name) as the example shown above, a section for love, wealth, health, career, the life you want to create for yourself, vacations, material things. In one book I wanted an area for all of the gadgets I wanted, but didn’t want to call it the material things, it felt like that phrase had a negative association to it. So I called the section “toys”. Toys and fun things like cars and electronics I wanted.

You can cut these images from magazines, print them from Pinterest, the how you want to do it is up to you. Always keep it positive, with vibrant colors. One thing I would strongly suggest is, not sharing your board or book with anyone. That is the reason why I chose to do the book over the board. You don’t want to hang the board where every one can see it. Keep your wishes quiet until fruition. I believe that other people can influence what you are trying to achieve. That is why it is important and to show anything off before actually getting what you want. Also by having the book, you can release your desire for that wish. If you want something badly, coming back to it in search of where is it, i dont have it, where is it actually slow down or reverse the process.

Go to the dollar store, or near by craft store and grab yourself those star stickers of one color. They don’t have to be stars, they can be whatever you wish. And as you see something manifesting, put a sticker on it. The goal is to fill your book with stickers. You may also find that sometimes when you look back on what you wanted, you might not want that thing anymore. Just paste over the image with the new goal. Write on the cover or the first page this phrase, “This or something better”. It can also be helpful to visualize some goals that you want. For example if you want to be this strong business women with a certain style, imagine yourself walking, talking to clients, crushing deals, being an overall bad-ass woman that you are. Feel the power, not the defeat. I think that’s the trick to everything.

Making the board is fairly easy and can be a lot of fun. Let me know if you have ever made a board before and if you had any amazing manifestations that you would like to share.