Sunday Rituals


have only thought of the idea recently. As I try to image the perfect life clip playing in my head, it always involves me doing things I truly enjoy. It is this slight vision of not only the ideal scenario I am in, it is also the perfect zen-like mood I was able to achieve, it is the well balanced, and positive thoughts that flow in out of my happy, laughing body. I want to take you on journey with me. A journey of transformation. A journey where I can help you achieve that happy state you love to be in. It will take some work, but this journey will be full of learning, inspiration, self discovery, and fun.

Why Sunday?

Sundays are time for reflection. It is also the time to plan the upcoming week. The better you plan, the more productive and easier your week will become. Our Sunday ritual will very from person to person. Feel free to modify this idea in any way you chose. If you choose to skip out on one practice, and do it another Sunday, use your best judgment of what feels right for you. Don’t force it, it doesn’t need to be a chore. I am here to help you find the joy in doing these rituals, after all isn’t that the point? To live with as much joy as we possible can for that moment of time.

The Start of your Day

We will start with the morning ritual. When you wake up on lazy Sunday morning. Before you even get out of bed. Lay in your bed with your eyes closed and find 10 things to be grateful for. The idea behind this is to wake up in a good mood, to start off your day with grace, and uplift. Also, there is a power in gratitude, remember your words, your thoughts are your wand. Help shape your life for the better with this practice. Don’t try to over stress with the 10 things, just slowly visualize each thing, and let it go. Take a deep breath in with each visualization, and let the breath out when you clear you mind in preparation for the next happy moment. If you have a gratitude journal by your bed, just quickly list the 10 things after you are done with the exercise.


Practice mediation before getting out of your bed in the morning and before going to sleep. The timing should depend on you. If you are just starting off I would suggest, 5 minute mediation, followed by a 5 minute increase in the next practice. So 5 minute mediation in the morning and 10 minute mediation at night. The next morning meditate for 15 minutes and 20 at night. Find your base time, don’t overdo it if you just can’t meditate at the moment, and cap yourself off at the time right for you. I would suggest mediating sitting up, as in the morning you are more likely to fall asleep.

Do what makes you happy and peaceful

The weekends that meant for our personal time, are often taken up by chores, events, and things that come in the way. It is important to take some time and do something for yourself that would put your mind at ease and bring you pleasure. Take a walk in a nature preserve, go for a walk in a botanical garden, depending where you live, visit a nice, joyful place that also brings you peace. It can even be, going to your favorite coffee shop. Make the time in these places count. Try to be in the present moment. Look at this time, not only as a me time, but as a spiritual experience that you want to take every bit of. Inhale all of the aromas of this sacred space, every sound, every moment. Be as present and as mindful as you can. From time to time take long breaths to really enjoy every single moment of this joyful experience.


It is always good to live in the present and set a side time for yourself to plan for the future. In this case a planner would be handy. Write down a list of things you want to accomplish the upcoming week in the appropriate dates, look back at past weeks and assign tasks that have been carried over. Plan for any fun activities you want to try out, as well as your daily tasks. Write down one thing that is important that you would get done that week and highlight it. Next are goal setting. It is slightly different than what you want to accomplish that week. The goal list should be more high level, should include the stuff you want to accomplish with your life, but you might need a little bit more time to do. If you can do at least one thing toward your goal in the upcoming week, add it to your planner with a set day, time and place.

These are few tips and tricks for your Sunday you time. Please share any Sunday rituals you love doing, or let me know how this process is working for you. What do you love about it? What do you hate? Hope you have a good Sunday, and every single Sunday after that.