Change…it Can be a Good Thing

Here is a little dose of inspiration about embracing the new. The reason we don’t like it is because we live in fear of change, in fear that the future will be worse than the present. Realizing this perspective about ourselves, allows us to look at the reality and change in a brand new light. We tend to want to freeze ourselves in a situation to avoid the change. We want to preserve our comfortable present to avoid what might be worse than now.

Once we get over the fear of change, we can welcome the abundance of new into our lives. Fully embracing the new with opened arms, allows the joyfull experienceso to flow into our lives.

Look at your life this way. You may not get it right on your first attempt, and that’s okay. Your second, third, fourth try can lead to better, more fulfilling results.

This also means, trusting and having faith in yourself to succeed. Having faith in the Universe to unravel the path just right for you. It is having that belief, the firm knowing that nothing will go wrong, it only gets better and better from here. In fact, that should be your daily affirmation. “It only gets better and better from here. With every second of my life becomes better, and better.”

In your journal answer these questions about change:

When was the last time you took a leap of faith?

Is there anything about your current situation that you would like to change?

What has fear of change not allowed you to accomplish?

Now close your eyes and imagine what could happen if fear of change did not stand in the way. If you were able to leap, head on and welcome the new.