Farmers Market Inspiration

There is something just so magical about a farmers market. The carefully laid out spices, fresh vegetables, exotic fruit and the people put me in absolute awe. I just love the colors and the textures that surround me. I find that my mind takes me on a creative journey when I visit my favorite farmers market. The simplicity and introduction to new products and lifestyle makes me oh so very happy.

I could not help but take pictures of everything around me. Visiting a place like this can make all your worries go away, at least for a short while. I have always been told to look at life through a source of inspiration. Notice the little things, be present and live through every sense, in the “now”. After all, this is our experience, make it the best one. You can find your inspiration through colors, nature, people, places. I find mine, here and there, and I like to share my little sources of happiness.

The array of bright colorful fruits and vegetables, locally grown are carefully laid out for your choosing. The freshness of it all, still lingers in my mind.

These newly-picked produce will give you a reason to cook and experiment with new dishes. It’s spring after all. The challenge I have for you after going to the farmers market is to pick vegetables you have never cooked with, and make yourself exotic, spring-time favorite. And for desert, slice up some exotic fruit, ones you and your loved ones are not used to eating everyday. Let this be a new journey through fresh taste and inspiration.

Of course I couldn’t just leave without getting myself a little present. I call him Peter 🙂 .

Do you have any farmers market inspiration of your own? Share below!