Desire vs Belief

Do you know the difference between a desire and a belief. I think it’s the confusion and the fight of the two that causes our negative emotions. We want all of these great things that we don’t yet have, it becomes overwhelming. It’s so close we can taste it yet it buried in all of that work and accomplishments we still have to do to get there.

If you believe in manifestations, and creation. The biggest challenge and a solution is to match the two. Your desire and your belief for that desire. Often we focus so much on the problem of it not working out, that we spend great deal focusing on the belief aspect and dragging it in the other direction. We need to learn to just let things flow. In and out of our experiences. We have to experience it as a movie with a great plot, in anticipation of what happens next.

What will happen next? What will you see once you stop worrying about things that might or might not happen. When we turn off the autopilot. When we turn off the judgment and chatters in our minds, we are able to live in the universe that works for us and with us. If we create this perfect picture in our minds of how you wish for things to be, and just let it go and watch the synchronicity appear  in your life.

Sometimes it is easier said than done. If we have conditioned ourselves to panic in times of trouble, to control and try to manipulate solutions when we come to a halt, or a life’s turn of events. We have to trust. That part can be a little hard. Because your mind searches for solutions to a problem, and when you can’t find any at the moment you start to feel bad. Instead, let it go. Wait for a solution to come to you. This will cause a least amount of resistance toward whatever you are trying to manifest.

Fulfilling your desires with the least resistance, is the key to success. You are a creator, and your thoughts and feelings create your reality. There is a buffer time in between, so your future you will love you if you take the steps you need to achieve your desire. Your future you might feel the opposite if you are sloppy in your thinking and feeling.

One of my favorite books on the topic is called your word is your wand, written by Florence Scovel, and published in 1978.  She presents the material in a simple and easy to understand terms. How we talk about our desires, will reflect on where that desire is in relation to us. So if you complain about certain things not working out right, you will attract more of that. Human beings love to complain to one another. When we arrive at a circumstance we want to make that phone call to our best friend, our parents, siblings, spouses and tell them all about your experience. We spend a great deal of time convincing one another to see our point of view, our perspective. In result, we post pond or put a block on whatever we are trying to bring into our lives. So the challenge I have for you, is a simple one. This is to help you eliminate your conditioned behavior. Next time you are presented with a problem and have the urge to tell someone, don’t. And I don’t mean that if you are in a circumstance where you might need help, telling someone is a completely different story. Just stop dwelling on it already. Instead say it in another more positive way, and let it go.

“A man’s word is filled with magic and power. A man has a way to change his unhappy condition by waving over it the wand of his word.” –  Florence Scovel

So Florence teaches ways to accomplish this task in her book. She suggests adding a phrase “under grace in perfect ways” when you say your affirmation. That way everything flows to you in a perfect way, in a perfect scenario. That is why when we make a vision book or a board we tend to write, “this or something better, under grace in perfect ways.”