Creating A Bucket List

This is my first post on the happiness project page.

I thought this would be a great topic that includes all of the three aspects to happiness that I wanted to talk about (body, mind, spirit). A bucket list is just the planning of all the things that you can do to enhance your happiness.

When I first started my bucket list, I was going through a break up. My friends have created a Google Docs shared folder, where each of us had our own column with all of our bucket list ideas. I went a little crazy with mine (I have published it here if you want to see the full list. Feel free to take any ideas and use them. Some I have found from research and others just kept popping into my head as I got more and more inspired and excited over the list.

Funny thing happened after I created the list. I have asked one of my friend if they want to help me fulfill anything on the list, and he was more than happy to.  Not to long after we started dating. the beginning of our relationship included doing some of the stuff from the list, which made dating more exciting and fun. The first thing that was checked off from my list, was seeing Barenaked Ladies live. Dorky I know, but it was amazing.

So get on the computer and start typing away your list. Here are some sites that can give you more inspiration.

1. BucketList.Org – You have to sign in and will be given access to your own bucket list dashboard. You can browse ideas and add them to your list or you can create your own goals.  The cool part about this is that each section has an area for due date (if you wish to have one), pictures, categories and geographic location. Once you complete the goal, you can mark it as completed. You can view goals that have been completed by others, and if you wish to do so, you can create private goals that are only visible to you.

2. –  This website gives you more inspiring and great ideas for the list. As well resources for each section of the list.

3. – okay, so you have to log in to this one as well.  This site is super cool way to create and save your bucket list. You first search for the item you wish to put in the list. After you “Describe or define your goal for later reference or as an inspiration to others”  Next you link a Wikipedia article that will help you with your goal. Set the due date, and share your goal with friends (if you choose to do so). After your goal will be populated with a pretty cool image icon that goes with it. You can browse other people’s ideas and add them to your list.

So remember that due dates are good for some of the things, but I feel like some stuff on the bucket list you can give yourself years to complete. It is essentially something you want to do before you die. So if going to Alaska seems like something really want to do, but can’t afford at the moment, put it in there anyway. One day you might get a chance to cross it off your list.