Make Cooking Time – A Me Time

I have always liked cooking but not loved it, hell … I  hated it sometimes. But I have realized that my brain has been trained for so long to care more about the end result “eating” than the processes. I kept working toward, maybe one day when I have better kitchen, better appliances, more food, spices, dishes, and time, I would really enjoy the shit out of cooking.

I remember enjoying cooking as a kid, I always pretended I was on a cooking show. I have made up my own recipes an I have always loved the way they turned out. So I decided to change all that. To not rush through making a recipe but really take a step back and enjoy making it. From cutting the vegetables to seasoning the food. I have decided not to look at cooking as another chore I had to do, but to see it more of a time to myself to do something I really enjoy. I told myself I will enjoy the shit out of this experience right now, and I believed it.

I have made something simple, mainly because I needed a light lunch for the next day. I have made oven-roasted rosemary lemon potatoes and carrots. I have decided to put on music, but not to the songs I constantly listen to on Pandora. Instead I have looked up a YouTube video for, classic music for cooking. I am telling you, it shifted my mind to really enjoy every step of the recipe. I have almost wanted to continue cooking, but I had to brace myself and not make too much food.

Here is the playlist that I have chosen. The name of this YouTube video is, background music for cooking. I was curious to see what other people listened to and what was their experience like, cooking mindfully to music.
I really did enjoy this process. I enjoyed cutting the potatoes while listening to this in the background. After I cut the lemon, I enjoyed seasoning it with rosemary and salt. Listen to it while cooking mindfully and tell me what you think below. At what point did you start enjoying the process of cooking. To me the food also taste a lot better if you put some love into the process. If everything is energy and we give off vibration, than if we are feeling good while doing it, it will reflect in your art aka your cooking. If we are mindful during the cooking process, we learn to apply this technique in other areas of our lives.

Like doing laundry for example. When I folded the towels it was not a quick fold to get it done fast. It was about laying the towel on the bed, folding it in half and smoothing the rest slowly. Enjoying the colors and the texture of once carefully chosen towel. Ever wonder what the towels that you once chose to buy say about you? Are they all the same color? Are they colorful with green and white polka dots, and flowery patterns (that’s me). You would not notice or thing of these kinds of questions and observations if you were rushing to get your laundry done.

Some of the questions to ask yourself in your journal are:

  • What tasks do I really enjoy doing mindfully?
  • What kind of tasks do I really rush to get things over with?
    • Is there an area where I can learn to enjoy the time rather than see it as a nuisance?
    • Is there a new kind of music that you can listen to designed just for this taskAfter your first mindful meal, write about your experience.
      • .Do you now enjoy doing this task?
      • What other tasks can I apply this lesson to?